Quarterly: Issue No 29

Muharram 1425



This logic of apology and justification in explaining Islamic beliefs and principles, as applied by westernised Muslim scholars today, is a result of the psychological and intellectual oppression created in their minds by the cultural invasion of the West. One aspect of the logic is the apologetic approach which some Muslim historians use when they discuss the issue of jihad in Islam or Islamic conquests. They view these military expeditions as having been launched in defence of the Arabian Peninsula against the incursions of the Romans and the Persians. Even the military expeditions of our beloved Prophet Muhammad (Sallallahu Alayhi Wasallam) himself have not escaped this apologetic approach, which portrays them as being waged in defence of the city of Madinah.

Some Muslim historians have even gone so far as to deny and reject some well-known and well-documented incidents because they were unable to produce the apologetic justification they needed. For example, one such writer denies Ibn Ishaaq’s reports concerning the slaughter of the warriors of Qurayzah, although these reports are confirmed in the books of Ahadeeth, Seerah and history. It is as if he doubts the fairness of killing them. The Islamic interpretation of history is not apologetic, nor is it a defensive justification. It is based on the conviction that Islam is the Truth, and whatever contradicts it is falsehood. Whatever Allah has legislated in Islam, be it Jihad or anything else, is right and has no need of apology or justification, however strange or unacceptable it may appear to the dominant Western mentality of the twenty first century. We should not modify Islam and its history to suit the tastes and ideologies of people in any particular age. What people commend at one particular time may be distasteful at another, and what is considered good by people in one place may be regarded as bad by the people of another place. Only Allah can truly evaluate anything and this is reflected in His law, the Shari’ah. True judgement cannot come from the whims, desires and subjective personal opinions of mere individual mortals. Allah is victorious over what He ordains.


Modern Muslim scholars today are re-interpreting Islamic Laws to appease the West and are thereby going contradictory to the Quran and Sunnah. On the one hand they pre-supposed that this more than fourteen hundred years old laws of Islam have now become outdated, and it is not possible to implement and comply with them unless some fundamental changes are made in them. They call these changes as "New Interpretations". On the other hand it has rooted deep into their minds that ideological and practical expositions of Western civilisation are all blessings and benedictions, and unless Muslims accept them in total, their survival in the present time is impossible.

The entire intellectual structure of Modernism has been constructed on the above two hypotheses. As a result, their deductions have been that any ideology or style of life from the West is first taken as granted to be "perfect" and there is no way out for us in the present time other than to accept it and adopt it. Their so-called ‘research’ is then wholly directed towards proving it to be in conformity with Islam, by reshaping and distorting Islamic teachings and even changing the established commandments of Islam. They do not hesitate in denying the Prophetic Traditions (Sunan and Ahadeeth), or create new dictionaries to give new meanings to the verses of the Qur’an.

Our claim is that if these modernists believe that Islam is the natural religion; if they have faith that its principles and injunctions are not the product of any human brain but that of the All-Knowing Allah who is fully aware of all the needs of mankind for all times to come; if they are confident that the Islam proclaimed by Muhammad (Sallallahu Alayhi Wasallam) contains solutions to all the problems and difficulties that may arise till the Last Day; then they must admit that the solution to the problems of twenty first century also lies in those same principles which were brought by Prophet Muhammad (Sallallahu Alayhi Wasallam) more than 1400 years ago. This is, however, subject to the condition that they sincerely try to get rid of the inferiority complex which has made West as the standard of righteousness in their eyes. Once they get the courage to lift up the veil of deception of the West from their mind they will have the chance to understand the problems with full confidence. It is then that they will discover new ways of survival in the present time fulfilling all their needs and demands of time and saving themselves from the unholy ways of the West. If they follow this course they will be able to acquire the wealth of peace and tranquillity that has never been imagined by the West. If they have any claim to realism, then let them be realistic in analysing their approach. While seeking the solution to their problems these modernists have the fear of being called conservative, superstitious or uncivilised by the West. This complex does not allow them to give a serious thought to the true Islamic virtue. They are always anxious to give Islamic sanction to all those things that have a label of liberalism on them. May be that this line of action brings them some good name in the Western circles, but this is never going to solve their problems nor will it give them the status of a living and free nation.

We may seem to be exaggerating about their mode of action but an honest and realistic self-analysis will testify to the truth of our claim.

These modernists have observed that the West has based its entire banking system on "Interest". This is the system which is regarded as one of the prominent virtues of modern civilisation. So, they started investing all their energy to make "Interest" permissible in trading systems. They never bothered to ask themselves if "Interest" was really inevitable for the banking system; and why cannot this be run on the Principles of "Mudaribah" provided by Islam; and why the Islamic Principle of "Mudaribah" cannot be adopted in Banking. At the cost of the opposition of the Muslim Ummah they have compounded interests but they never cared to find out the principles of interest-free banking which assures us more equitable distribution of wealth.

"Insurance" is regarded as a symbol of civilization in the West. They accepted it as it was and tried to give it Islamic sanction by making fabricated interpretations in the Qur’an and Sunnah. But they never knew that there was an easier and fairer way of making some minor changes in the prevailing insurance system and thus bring them in conformity with the established principles of Islam, making it a more useful institution.

The Western countries have recently launched great campaigns to preach "Family Planning". They also followed them in propagating it. For this purpose they consumed their energies to misinterpret the laws of Islam in favour of family planning. But they never thought how China is surviving with its 700,000,000+ population? According to the Chinese, every new child brings a message of prosperity. In the hue and cry of the Western world they looked at one mouth of a newly born child and felt uneasy to think from where to feed it? But they did not see the two hands of the child to work. The small country like Israel realised the importance of population and has been using all its means of increasing its population. The West said that population rise is dangerous for developing countries. Modern Muslims accepted this so-called "sincere advice" and imposed birth control as a law, but they failed to see how Vietnam had humbled the "big power" like America and why the Western countries are scared of China? America had declared that in the East they would give financial aid only to those countries that would adopt the birth control. The Modern Muslims took it as a sympathetic gesture from them but they did not try to argue why Israel gets the lion’s share in aid in spite of being against the birth control?

They heard that polygamy is considered to be a crime in Western countries. In order to free themselves from this blame they made the excuse that Islam had allowed it only in some emergency conditions and now it is no more permissible. For this purpose they left no stone unturned in pulling and dragging the meanings of the verses of Qur’an. But did they ever try to investigate why the Westerners never feel the need of more than one wife? Thanks to Modern Civilization and the open practice of un-registered polygamy in every hotel, every nightclub and every park, there is no need of getting oneself involved in regular family life. The Westerners had publicised that polygamists are cruel to their wives. The Modern Muslim scholars started pleading that the fundamental conception of Islam is to stop such a tyranny and hence polygamy is forbidden in Islam. But they shut their eyes from the naked reality that there are innumerable people who are extremely cruel to their single wife. In fact the number of such people is greater. Hence this argument requires that single marriage also should be banned.

They observed that the Westerners consider Hijaab (woman’s veil) as a vice, so they started fabricating the established injunctions of Islam. But they never cared to think that by unveiling their women what disaster the West has brought to their homes? Did they ever care to find out what is the cause of unabated grief of the serious thinkers of the West on this issue?

They came to know that co-education is practised in Western countries. They started advocating for it an insignia of civilization, but never bothered to think of the reasons behind the dreadful scene of American culture presented by Kinsey Reports (the renowned American sexologist Professor Alfred Kinsey who prepared these reports after 15 years of research) before the world? Did they ever think who is responsible for ever increasing unlawful sexual relations in the young generation? What is the cause of the ever decreasing standard of education?

These Modern Muslim scholars have read that many of the Westerners deny miracles and hold them as superstition. Very obediently, they also followed the example and tried to reject the miracles described by the Qur’an in detail. As a result of this they converted the entire Qur’an into a poetic and metaphorical book. But they never thought that those who had initially denied the miracles had also called the existence of God as the worst form of superstition; and had even mocked at Prophethood and divine revelations. Further, they never paid any attention to the fact how rapidly the most recent researches in science are making miracles more acceptable to human intellect.

Keeping all these facts in view, for Allah’s sake, please tell us if there is any exaggeration in our assessment that these modernists pay no heed to finding an Islamic and intellectual solution to our problems? On the contrary, they are always looking for the Western ideologies. Whatever they receive from them as permissible they spend all their energy to prove it in conformity with Islam, with no concern to what damage they are causing to the Qur’an and Sunnah. When they notice any signs of dislike for something on the faces of Westerners they exhaust all their powers to declare it unlawful and prohibited in Islam even at the cost of giving away explicit injunctions of the Qur’an and Sunnah.

The above observations, when given due consideration, with no prejudices in mind, provide us with only one conclusion. The Modern Muslim scholars are basically wrong in their very mode of thinking. As a result of it, they have not only been unable to do any service to the Muslim Ummah but in fact created disruption, uneasiness, confusion and anxiety throughout the ummah. How we wish that these Muslim "scholars" give serious, sincere and selfless thought as to how harmful and dangerous for national unity is the way adopted by them.


Allah, Exalted be His Name, says:

They ask you (O Prophet!) concerning the Rooh (Soul): Say: 'The Rooh (Soul) is from the Command of my Rabb. And of knowledge, you (mankind) have been given very little." (Surah Al-Israa: 17:85).

The soul is a creature of Allah. It is blown into every human being when it is just a foetus of 120 days old, it remains in contact, if not inside, the human being throughout its life on earth. At the point of death it departs from the body to reside in the heavens. Like everything else in the universe it is a creation of Allah, but as the above Qur'anic verse informs us, mankind has been given only limited knowledge concerning it. When a body is given a soul, life begins. And when the soul leaves the body, life ends and death begins.

During their journeys through this universe, the soul and its body travel through four different worlds:

1. The womb - where the soul joins its body.

2. This world - where we all live for a limited period only.

3. The grave - a Barzakh period.

4. The Hereafter - The final destination of all human beings.

Each world is greater than the last, and the final world of the Hereafter is Eternal and the most important. Thousands of dead are buried around us every day, but we find it impossible to envisage the new stage of the journey upon which they have embarked. To the living, the grave is simply an empty and dark hole in the ground; to the dead, it is their window into either Jannah or Jahannam. And it is precisely because they cannot comprehend the next life that the majority of human beings refuse to believe in and be obedient to Allah and His beloved Messenger.

Could the little infant curled up in it's mother's womb understand that there is a bigger world outside? Indeed not. The womb is the only place it knows and to imagine the outside world would be beyond its comprehension. In the same way, our life in this world is temporary and like it or not, we will have to leave it to enter the world beyond the grave. Just because we cannot envisage the world of the Barzakh and Hereafter doesn’t mean that it does not exist.

I request your humble du'aas.


Abdul Haq Abdul Kadir

Umhlanga Rocks, KZN

South Africa